Startup App Ideas: 10+ Creative Apps Ideas You Can Launch In 2021

2020 has been a roller coaster year. It started off pretty great but soon the pandemic hit hard and everything went downhill. But with 2021 fast approaching, there are really high hopes that all sectors would regain momentum. 

For the startups, 2021 could be a great year. The current year made people come to face several problems while stuck at home. And what more does a startup want?

Here Are 10+ Creative Apps Ideas For Startups That Can Help You Generate Some Good Business:

#Idea 1: An App For Managing Events

With the coronavirus pandemic not expected to come to an end anytime soon, the event industry is certainly disrupted. But come what may, the event industry is going strong with virtual events. 

A great app idea for 2021 would be to create an app that could help manage such events. From conferences and seminars to concerts and weddings, all events are either held virtually or in a hybrid manner. No matter what the case, there is a dire need for an app that could help manage all these events. Go forward with a startup solutions provider to build an app for virtual events management.   

#Idea 2: An App For Virtual Classes 

While there are so many apps like Zoom, Hangout, and Google Meet for students to attend virtual classes, there is a great need to create an app that can let them get together virtually. An app with VR functionality could be great at such times. 

This app should be different from the regular virtual meeting apps. It should allow the students to interact and study with each other’s virtual beings. They can even mix Augmented Reality with Virtual Reality to create a real-world experience of studying with other students in virtual reality classroom scenarios.  Find the latest technology experts to build an app with cutting-edge AR functionality. 

#Idea 3: An App To Check Out Restaurant Virtually For Booking

Getting a table cramped right in the middle of a restaurant is really frustrating. Especially if you have already made a booking. If only there could be an app to view the graphical setting of the restaurant!

A great startup app idea for 2021 would be to create an app that not only allows the booking of the table but also shows the restaurant’s graphical setting to book tables as per their liking. This graphical representation can make it much easier for booking the desired tables. Partner with a trusted mobile app development company to materialize this startup app idea of virtual restaurant booking. 

#Idea 4: An App For Plant Checkup

Global warming is real and it’s high time that people start planting more plants to save the environment. But not everyone is an expert at planting. And very few have the time to check their plants regularly. Creative startups can come up with an app to make planting easy for everyone. 

This app can allow people to click pictures of their plants. This picture can be assessed by different algorithms to check what it requires. It can tell the fertilizers that could be put in for nutrition or if there has been any pest infestation. In fact, it can even have a feature to call a plant expert on-demand to check on your plants and their well-being. 

#Idea 5: An App For Remote Healthcare Services

With the current situation in mind, it would be a great idea to launch any healthcare mobile application. Making healthcare reach people is something everyone is interested in. You can tap on any door in the healthcare realm and launch an app around it. 

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You can build a mobile application with the facility to get a doctor on-demand at home. Or, get video consultation from them. It can also be an app that makes automatic check-up appointments on your behalf after a certain time. It can also go a step further and have Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics capabilities to help doctors diagnose and treat diseases or even the patients to discover their issues before they become serious threats. 

#Idea 6: An App For Digital Bills & Receipts

We’ve all been guilty of misplacing or throwing off important bills. This can be avoided if a startup could come up with an app to digitize all the bills. Such an app could keep all the bills stored securely and help in producing them instantly when required. 

This mobile application would help with turning the bills and receipts into digital form. This app could have scanners that can scan all the bills and an Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning functionality to categorize the bills in different categories like household, essential, travel, etc. 

#Idea 7: An App To Prevent Smartphone Addiction

Well, many smartphones have come up with Zen mode where the phone gets locked up for a particular period of time if your usage exceeds a particular threshold. And although there are several apps for this, you can certainly do much better, given the new technologies coming forward. 

The functionalities should not just be limited to showing the usage and shutting off the phone for some time. It should also give notification or alert when reaching the use limit. It should also analyze the complete usage of the smartphone, trends, and offer advise on what to cut back on. 

#Idea 8: An App That Helps Find Parking Space

In metro cities, finding a parking space is next to impossible. Everyone is looking for a solution to this. Instead of driving around to find a parking spot, there could be an app that would notify of the nearest parking space in a locality, market, mall, or any other complex. 

It should work on real-time data of parking spots from webcams, CCTVs, and your GPS location to tell the available parking spot wherever one is looking for. 

#Idea 9: An App For Local Paid Work Listings

There are no two ways that there are endless job listing sites and portals for job seekers and recruiters across all industries. But there aren’t many sites that allow people to find work in local areas for smaller commitments. 

Startups can use this app idea in 2021 to build a mobile application that helps people find work in their local area. It could be everyday work like plumbing, carpentry, manual work, or other similar stuff. This would have two interfaces, one for the work seekers and another for those posting their everyday work. 

#Idea 10: An App That Plans Your Travel

With people rushing out to rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and souls after the long lockdown, a travel app with new features can definitely be a great app idea for 2020 and 2021. You can have an app that offers all the functionalities of every travel app. 

It could help people decide travel destinations based on their budget, interest, and climate. Apart from that, it can have integrated travel tools like fare calculator, hotel booking, bus/train booking, and much more. It can also have the option for people to manage their budget while traveling. Another cool functionality to add would be to connect with locals in the region to help them plan better. 

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